The Honey Factory Chapters

The Honey Factory chapters are listed here, imagine having at your fingertips everything you need to know about bee keeping. Here in this ebook you have an astounding amount of information that gives you the edge on bee keeping, beehives and honey.

Over 70 pictures which includes, honeybees, bee hive construction plans, hive tools, hive smoker, queen cage, shallow extracting super, uncapping knife, uncapping plane, pole swarm catcher frame and more.

Over 70 photos and diagrams, everything you need to get started with bee keeping. Something for the novice beekeeper and the experienced.

Chapter 1
Honeybees = Pollination + Honey

  • Efficient Beekeeping
  • The Beehive Smoker Nectar Flows
  • Smoker Fuels The Bee Colony
  • Natural Pollination The Beehive
  • Honeybees can Communicate
  • Beekeeping Equipment
  • Creating Food for Bees
The Honey Factory Chapters

Chapter 2
Getting Started with Bees

  • Packaged Bees
  • Buying Complete Hives Getting a Swarm
  • What is a Swarm?
  • Nucleus Hives Catching Swarms

Chapter 3
Hive Care and Maintenance

  • Medications for Bees
  • Use of Apistan Strips
  • Use of Terramycin
  • Other Bee Diseases
  • Medications for People
  • Keeping Records
  • Out-Locations
  • Moving Beehives
  • Monthly Tasks = An Overview

Chapter 4
Springtime with Honeybees

  • February March Spring Hive Inspection
  • Spring Feeding of Honeybees
  • April Divides and “Nucs” Miscellaneous
  • Spring Work
  • May among the Bees

Chapter 5
Summertime – Honey Time

  • Supering that Works
  • Queen Excluders
  • Removing Bees from Honey Supers
  • Extracting Honey
  • Filtering Honey
  • Preserving Honey
  • Quality Storing
  • Honey Re-liquefying
  • Granulated Honey
  • Storing Honey Supers

Fall and Winter in the Bee Yard

  • August September October November
  • Colony Losses
  • Surviving the Winter
The Honey Factory Chapters

Chapter 7
Advanced Beekeeping

  • Building a Super Colony
  • Managing a Super Colony

Chapter 8
Assembling Beehives

  • Estimating Woodenware Needs
  • Assembling Hive Bodies
  • Assembling Frames
  • Wiring Frames
  • Installing Foundation

Chapter 9
Building Projects

  • Honey Bottling Tank
  • Frame Wiring Jig
  • Modified Migratory Hive Covers
  • Ventilated Entrance Closure
  • Pole Swarm Catcher
  • Hive Bench
  • Solar Wax Melter
  • Hive Cart

Chapter 10
Beekeeping History and Facts

  • Important Dates in Beekeeping
  • Races and Characteristics of Bees
  • Honeybee Enemies

Chapter 11
Gardening and Beekeeping

  • Pollination is Important

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